BOOTCAMP 2021-2022

~ from Joyce Young-Scholes, RDH, ASc.

and Margaret J. Fehrenbach, RDH, MS

Oral Biology Studies

through rdhedu and dhed.net

- Want to able to better understand complex Oral Biology concepts in user friendly format?

- Want to be able to go beyond your past DH Studies to be able to read current research?

- Want to be able to better correlate Oral Biology science to current clinical procedures?

- Want to cover Dental Embryology and Histology, Dental Anatomy, and Head and Neck Anatomy, as well as General and Oral Path?


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Classic Mode:

The basics covered with skull, nerve, and muscle but still with plenty of punch added.


Sphenoid Disarticulated plus Pterygoids: See the break down on this complex bone. Figure out the pituitary and know its nearby associates, the pterygoid muscles, and related muscle involvement with TMD.

Facial Nerve Fascination: See the latest figures on this important nerve that can be disturbed by local.

Masseter Matters: Okay we need the usual lowdown but what is new; how about botox and massage? Review and future concerns, oh my!

Modern Mode: 

What does the future call out for on local anesthesia? Go beyond the important “Velvet Touch” all the way to the next level. 


Troubleshooting IA: Learn the latest on this show-off injection and add those important clinical jolts.

Update on PSA: Just-out research on this complex and sometimes scary injection that will make your day.

Expanding with V-A: Wowza addition to the DH arsenal. Go into the skull to see how it plays out!

Transition Mode: 

How do you cover a topic within two worlds, both histo and H&N??? 


Thyroid Under Siege: Knowing the concern now on Thyroid Cancer, how do you make sure to share and use your info? We will make you feel confident again!

Lymph Nodes 911: Review both the histo and palpation of Cervical Nodes. Medical implications high on list; enough said!

TMJ Tumble: Review the basics but go beyond to TMD with related fact and fiction.

Dental Embryology: 

Enamel and Dentin Developmental Interactions: Go micro to get the lowdown on how enamel and dentin interact during tooth development. Hey we all love a bud and cap but wow the enamel organ and the dental papilla: now that rocks! See how the DEJ comes into being and what are the related clinical apps.

Full On Dental Anomalies: You want to know it all; not only the when it occurs and its clinical presentations but the whys and wherefores about each one as well as the ramifications.

Root Development Situation: Most find it unbelievable that the tooth is formed starting with the crown and then moving to the apex of the root (unlike rooted plant life). Learn how enamel pearls and dilaceration can happen when it goes south on the root development. Also how does a tooth become multirooted to make life challenging during NSPT?

Dental Embryology, Histology,

and Dental Anatomy:

Operation Modes

Head and Neck Anatomy:

Operation Mode


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