All Things Local Anesthesia 2022

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All Things LA 2022:

Local Anesthesia for Dental Hygienists

Check out the following sites for information on local anesthesia in dentistry, many of them provided for by the Author.  Pain control with hemostatic control is an important step in the care of the dental hygiene patient such as nonsurgical periodontal therapy cases handled by this dental professional.

The management of pain with hemostatic control through local anesthesia by dental hygienist requires a thorough understanding of the anatomy of the skull, trigeminal nerve, and related structures. The dental hygienist must also know the location of certain adjacent soft tissue structures, such as major blood vessels and glandular tissue, so as to avoid inadvertently injecting them.  


Pubmed for dental local anesthesia- look for evidence based results!

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Updated 8/1/2022

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