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Illustrated Dental Embryology, Histology, and Anatomy

Fourth Edition, 2016

360 pages with over 800 illustrations

Primary Author Margaret J. Fehrenbach, RDH, MS, Dental Hygienist, Oral Biologist, Dental Hygiene Educator, with Secondary Author Tracy Popowics, PhD Saunders/Elsevier (ISBN-10: 1455776858; ISBN-13: 978-1455776856)

Featuring a full-color review of dental structures, the 4th Edition provides a complete look at the development, cellular makeup, and

morphology of the teeth and  associated structures. A clear, reader-friendly writing style makes it easy to understand both basic science and clinical applications, putting the material into the context of everyday dental practice. New to this edition are updates on caries risk, safe levels of fluoride use, and prevention of periodontal disease. Expert authors Margaret Fehrenbach and Tracy Popowics provide an essential background in oral biology for dental hygiene and dental assisting students, including excellent preparation for the board exams.


. Comprehensive coverage includes all the content needed for an introduction to the developmental, histological, and anatomical foundations of oral health.

. Hundreds of full-color anatomical illustrations and clinical and microscopic photographs accompany text descriptions of anatomy and biology.

. An approachable writing style covers the latest evidence-based information and makes it easy to grasp and learn to apply the material.

. A logical organization separates the book into four units for easier understanding: (1) an introduction to dental structures, (2) dental embryology, (3) dental histology, and (4) dental anatomy.

. Key terms open each chapter, accompanied by phonetic pronunciations, and are highlighted within the text, and a glossary provides a quick and handy review and research tool.

. Clinical Considerations boxes relate abstract-seeming biological concepts to everyday clinical practice.

. Learning outcomes at the beginning of each chapter clearly identify the information you are expected to absorb.

. Summary tables and boxes provide quick, easy-to-read summaries of concepts and procedures and serve as useful review and study tools.

. Student resources on the Evolve companion website enhance learning with practice quizzes, sample case studies, review questions, and interactive exercises.

. A Student Workbook offers a wealth of interactive exercises, including labeling/structure identification to master anatomy, word-search and crossword puzzles for vocabulary practice, detailed guidelines for tooth drawing, and illustrated case studies with follow-up questions; in the back of the book, 32 removable flashcards provide practice on identifying permanent teeth and their features and characteristics. Sold separately. Content Survey

. A bibliography lists resource citations for further research and study.

. Expert Primary Author Margaret Fehrenbach is one of the most trusted names in dental hygiene education, and writes extensively, lectures widely, and consults for many of the major dental manufacturers and supply companies


. NEW Updated coverage includes the newest evidence-based information on orofacial embryology, especially enamel formation; orofacial histology including fibroblasts, microplicae, keratin, collagen proteins, aging, repair, 3-D tissue engineering, mucoperiosteum, dental pulp stem cells, and platelet-rich plasma; root anatomy; and the latest guidelines on dental biofilm, fluoride use, smile design, periodontal procedures, endoscopy, saliva testing, enamel remineralization, periimplant disease, myofunctional therapy, and orthodontic therapy intervention.

. NEW Color Illustrations, photomicrographs, and diagrams add detail and help to build comprehension.

. NEW Secondary Author Tracy Popowics, PhD, provides research and expertise related to advanced dental content.

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Primary Author Margaret J. Fehrenbach, RDH, MS Dental Hygienist, Oral Biologist, Dental Hygiene Educator, with Secondary Author Susan Herring, PhD, Anatomist and Researcher, Saunders/Elsevier

ISBN 978-0323396349)

Known for its top-notch artwork and readable writing style the 5th Edition provides student dental professionals with complete coverage of head and neck anatomy, plus detailed discussions of the

temporomandibular joint and its role in dental health, the anatomy of local anesthesia, and the spread of dental infection. Chapters are organized by anatomic systems of study and include expanded review questions that help prepare you for classroom and board examinations. Written by educators Margaret J. Fehrenbach and Susan Herring, this edition adds new illustrations and cutting-edge, evidence-based information on topics such as bone, muscle  and nerve pathology, local anesthesia complications, and temporomandibular disorders as well as expanded mandibular local anesthesia injections coverage.


. Identification exercises at the end of each chapter ask you to label the different structures to test your knowledge of anatomy.

. Multiple-choice review questions end each chapter and prepare you for board examinations.

. Comprehensive coverage provides a solid foundation in head and neck anatomy, with an in-depth discussion of the TMJ and its role in dental health, plus additional material on the anatomy of local anesthesia and the spread of dental infection.

. Conversational writing style ensures that you easily comprehend complex anatomy and clinical application.

. Chapters are organized by anatomic systems of study so that discussions progress logically from overviews of the area to the specifics related to the head and neck, providing a solid foundation for learning.

. Detailed anatomical illustrations and clear, colorful photographs show models and patients within a clinical setting to support text descriptions and help ensure comprehension.

. Award-winning and Trusted Primary Author Margaret Fehrenbach curates cutting-edge content and the latest evidence-based information.

. Key terms and their phonetic pronunciations are highlighted within the chapter and defined in a back-of-book glossary.

. A how-to appendix with accompanying photos shows you the steps to perform extraoral and intraoral patient examinations.

. Learning objectives open each chapter with goals to be accomplished, and serve as checkpoints for comprehension, skills mastery, and exam preparedness.

. Student resources on the Evolve companion website  enhance learning with practice quizzes, sample case studies, review questions, and interactive exercises.

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(ISBN-10: 1455776459; ISBN-13: 978-1455776450)

Corresponding to the chapters in Illustrated Dental Embryology, Histology, and Anatomy, 4th Edition, this workbook helps you understand and apply material with case studies, labeling and terminology exercises, new review questions, tooth-drawing guidelines, and more. It includes 32 removable flashcards for quick, convenient study and review of dental structures and plenty of practice questions and case studies to prepare you for classroom and board exams.

Master the content from your textbook with this helpful study tool!

Key Fourth Edition Features

•  A logical organization allows you to focus on areas in which you may need more practice, with units on: (1) labeling, (2) terminology, (3) tooth structure, (4) review questions, and (5) case-based application.

     •     14 detailed case studies include radiographs, clinical photos, profiles, complaints, health histories, and intraoral examination data, each accompanied by multiple-choice questions, to promote critical thinking skills and prepare you for board examinations.

     •     Glossary exercises include crossword puzzles and word searches for practice and review of key terminology.

     •     Guidelines for Tooth Drawing emphasize fundamental principles in tooth design and include detailed instructions, tips, and dimensions for drawing each permanent tooth.

     •     32 detachable flashcards help you master tooth morphology and tooth numbering, with multiple-angle drawings of a permanent tooth on one side of the flashcard and characteristics of that tooth on the back.

     •     Perforated workbook pages are three-hole-punched so that they easily fit into a binder and can be easily removed and submitted to instructors.

New to This Fourth Edition

     •     NEW Clinical identification exercises help prepare you for chairside patient care.

     •     NEW Review questions provide you more opportunities to master the content and prepare for classroom and board exams.

     •     EXPANDED Structure identification exercises include additional development and anatomic structures for more practice identifying and labeling various parts or structures.

Reviews of Past Edition

                    Workbook is fun, useful, and brings the topic to life!  Workbook that accompanies the textbook is useful tooth students and instructors. Included are identification exercises using intraoral and extraoral examination, as well as major figures of the text and outlines of most of the permanent teeth. Paired together are tables of tooth dimensions and gridded worksheets for purposes of drawing and studying, with evaluation checklists. Additionally, activities for orofacial histology and embryology are included, as well as procedures and form for an initial occlusal evaluation.

Past Reviews of Oral Biology Text

Fehrenbach and Popowics provide a comprehensive guide to dental science and this book is a great investment for students revising for exams or those looking to review these topics ... you will be hard pushed to find such a clear and user-friendly read. Not to mention that it’s four books in one, which makes it great value. British Dental Journal 2015

The outstanding features of this book are the over 700 color photographs and illustrations... Each chapter contains numerous boxes of information and tables that describe in more detail specific dental conditions... The information in these boxes not only provides interesting facts for the reader, but important relevant information that clarifies essential concepts... The dental anatomy unit is also a highlight of the text...The web-site is beneficial to both the instructor and student. Use of this technology is designed to enhance the presentation of material and interaction with students... The workbook is highly recommended for students, featuring case studies and review exercises. Journal of Dental Hygiene

Comprehensive review ... provides the reader with an applied approach to the subject, something very important for understanding the significance of different structures... Book also would serve as a valuable reference in preparation for standardized examinations at all levels of dentistry.  See entire review Journal of the American Dental Association

Complete understanding of the subject matter. The most unique characteristic of this book, however, consists of clinical applications on various topics relevant to oral health care. It would also make a valuable resource in a dental office and could easily be used for patient education or as a reference because of its outstanding illustrations. Journal of Dental Hygiene

Past Reviews of H&N Textbook

As a general dental practitioner, I particularly enjoyed reading the clinical considerations found at the end of each chapter which increased my understanding of the relevance of anatomy in clinical scenarios. The chapter on the temporomandibular joint was a delight to read as it described this complex joint and its functions in a clear, succinct manner. The authors have done a good job with the local anaesthesia and spread of infection chapters, providing clinically relevant information which would form a useful reference for any student or dental practitioner.

I would recommend this book to every medical and dental student who wishes to gain the knowledge and understanding of the anatomical structures of the head and neck, and to every dental practice as a reference text. British Dental Journal 2017

This unique publication ... is an accurate and easily readable anatomy text for all health practitioners. Journal of Craniomandibular Practice

Students of anatomy should welcome a presentation different from the traditional. American Journal of Orthodontics

Very good illustrations and straightforward text. Has a clinically-relevant emphasis (including chapters on dental anesthesia and the spread of dental infection). Reading List for 1st Year Undergraduates, Leeds Dental Institute, Leeds University, UK.

                  Amazing! This book nicely covers the head and neck, the chapters are well structured. The pictures are amazing, the clarity of the pictures and labels are superb. At the start of every chapter there is a key terms table that explains new anatomical words, which I found helpful as a first year.Also there are some questions and diagrams that you can label at the end of each chapters that reinforce the information. And the book comes with some flash card with answers on the back, great for revising

                 It is the best illustrated book of the head and neck.  This has been an excellent book to clear your all doubts of the anatomy of the head and neck with the best figures I have ever seen and excellent descriptions. This book let u do all the anatomy within very short period of time just by looking at the figures. I find this book extremely useful in my studies and I want u all to know that this book is really really helpful

                 Great book for boards. This book is perfect for head and neck anatomy courses and for the Dental National Boards Part  I. The pictures are very clear, the complex anatomy is laid out methodically and logically.  I've used other general anatomy books, but they fall short when it comes to head and neck.  This book does not, and even includes clinical pearls for the future and current dental professional.

                 Great! This book is very good! There are so many diagrams and great information. It is very easy to follow along with to learn the material.

                 Brilliant Book. I thought this was a fantastic book on head and neck anatomy. It covers every aspect including: surface anatomy, osteology, TMJ, vascular system, lymphatics etc.  The clarity of the pictures are fantastic. There are a good size and everything is in color so it is easier to understand. The labels are very clear. As a dental student I found that this has helped me greatly and would recommend it highly.

                 Good textbook for Dental Hygienist/Hygiene Student This book is descriptive and shows several pictures demonstrating the areas a hygienist is required to know. I would definitely recommend this textbook to hygiene students.

                 One of the most used books of the semester

                 This is an excellent text for learning about the anatomy of the head.  This is an excellent text for learning about the anatomy of the head and neck. I recommend it to anyone who studies this topic. The illustrations are exceptional and the text is easy to follow.



This is an easy-to-use introduction to foundational embryology and anatomy along with the basic body systems affecting dentistry. Chapters include images that you will color and connect with corresponding labels, and each image includes questions for self-testing and comprehension. Coverage includes the body systems, orofacial anatomy, dentition, skeletal system, muscles, veins, glands, nerves, lymph nodes, and fasciae and spaces. This coloring book is the perfect way to help you identify anatomical landmarks and understand the complex interrelationships involved in dental anatomy and physiology.

Written by a group of dental hygienists for dental hygienists, this handbook helps you learn the safe and effective administration of local anesthesia. Coverage is tailored to fit the role and needs of the dental hygienist and promotes patient-centered care. Full-color photographs illustrate specific injection techniques, and colorful illustrations show dental anatomy. Now also packaged with Elsevier’s Local Anesthesia Procedure Videos! Narrated video along with closed-captioning makes it easy for students to follow along and learn to perform procedures before they work with actual patients.

Back and better than ever, it offers everything you need to succeed in your coursework, at certification, and in clinical practice. No other dental hygiene text incorporates the clinical skills, theory, and evidence-based practice in such an approachable way. All discussions — from foundational concepts to diagnosis to pain management — are presented within the context of a unique patient-centered model that takes the entire person into consideration. New to this fifth edition is a much more streamlined approach — one that stays focused on need-to-know information, yet also houses expanded content on things like alternative practice settings, pediatric care, risk assessment, and dental hygiene diagnosis to give you added context when needed. This edition is also filled with new modern illustrations and new clinical photos to augment your learning. If you want a better grasp of all the dental hygienist’s roles and responsibilities in today’s practice, they Darby and Walsh’s renowned text is a must-have.

An essential dental resource that goes beyond education! It’s designed for both students and practitioners. This new edition defines over 10,000 terms on dynamic areas of dentistry, including materials, imaging, surgery, orthodontics, pain control, and more. Throughout the text, over 300 illustrations address new innovations, research, technology, and products in the field, and extensive appendices provide quick access to the information you will use every day. Plus, a free companion website contains more than 5,000 audio pronunciations, 500 additional images, videos, and animations to help illustrate key concepts.

This textbook offers the most trusted general and oral pathology information that’s tailored to the specific role and responsibilities of the dental hygienist. Expert authors Ibsen and Phelan incorporate the ideal mix of clinical photographs, radiographs, and focused discussions to help you learn to properly identify, understand, evaluate, and document the appearance of normal and diseased states. Plus, robust learning features — like case studies, synopsis tables, learning objectives, and a practice exam — further reinforce the information you need to know to pass the national board exam and succeed as a dental hygienist.

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