Dental Hygiene Education 2021

~ with Margaret J. Fehrenbach, RDH, MS


The profession of dental hygiene is entering a truly exciting time of evolution to a truly strong profession in healthcare. Peer professionals and patients alike are now understanding the preventive purpose of the dental hygienist. In addition, the proven success of dental hygiene diagnosis and treatment planning as well as related preventive care are also now being recognized.

Therefore, the emphasis must now be on preparing for these new horizons in dental hygiene education as well as maintaining continuing education (CE) throughout the professional lifetime of the dental hygienist. Also recognized is the importance of far reaching technology in the everyday lives of both patients and dental hygienists.

Finally, each learning situation has its own unique culture, values, principles and processes, as well as codes of conduct. However, as a dental professional, every dental hygienist, whether student or licensed, needs to consider their professional actions in regards to ethics as they expand and grow in their career. It is imperative that we transform as a profession of dental hygiene so as to make our mark on the future of dental health. But first we must be the new challenges with a global pandemic.

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This 2021 website is for instructors, student and peer practitioners of dental hygiene. It is dedicated to enriching the careers of all dental hygiene professionals while serving the patient community.



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However, it is important to keep in mind that effective communication is as important to healthcare as clinical skill or new technology. Basic terminology in regard to an oral biology background must be kept current and useful. And to improve individual health and built healthy communities, healthcare providers such as dental hygienists, need to also recognize and address the unique culture, language, and health literacy of diverse consumers and communities. This stress on diversity must be in the professional education of the dental hygienist.

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